Tuesday, December 29, 2009

See the Irony?

Kyoto...Copenhagen...What really needs to happen is not a universal governmental intervention (which is useless because there is no one to objectively police any regulations on a global level anyhow), but what really needs to occur is corporate and media responsibility. The pollution problem is not so much  the fault of the government being negligent, but of those who seek prosperity without conscience and a media that perpetuates a lifestyle ideal with disregard to consequence.

Government led environmental summits will never result in true reform. If we want to really curb the global warming/pollution issue, we as individuals, must be willing to deny giving our power over to corporations and the media and take responsibility for a healthier future by living in the moment with the future in mind. Which means, for many Westerners, radically changing how we live...but really, what are the chances of that happening? See the irony?

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