Tuesday, December 29, 2009

See the Irony?

Kyoto...Copenhagen...What really needs to happen is not a universal governmental intervention (which is useless because there is no one to objectively police any regulations on a global level anyhow), but what really needs to occur is corporate and media responsibility. The pollution problem is not so much  the fault of the government being negligent, but of those who seek prosperity without conscience and a media that perpetuates a lifestyle ideal with disregard to consequence.

Government led environmental summits will never result in true reform. If we want to really curb the global warming/pollution issue, we as individuals, must be willing to deny giving our power over to corporations and the media and take responsibility for a healthier future by living in the moment with the future in mind. Which means, for many Westerners, radically changing how we live...but really, what are the chances of that happening? See the irony?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nestle or Cadbury Chocolate...You decide

Did you know that Nestle still does not engage in Fair Trade for their chocolate? Child labour for your sweet tooth?

Read more here: http://tiny.cc/r7brV

Perhaps you should consider Cadbury products instead....and make a difference.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who Does She Think She Is????

Go here to find out!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Swine Flu H1N1 Update

Well, the flu season is soon upon us and if you have been listening to the news and local reports at all, there are some interesting developments.  One of these is that the period that a person remains contagious with the H1N1 virus is longer than expected. Instead of 1-3 days, the expected contagious period is 7 days, and there is also speculation that until the person stops coughing, they should be considered contagious.

The vaccination for the flu is being fast-tracked to accomodate the demand to help curtail the virus. I would encourage you to read more about that here.

Overall, I would again encourage each of you to follow the protocol for avoiding the flu, stay calm, and use common sense.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What to do next

Sorry for the absence over the past month. I am still around, just contemplating what to do next. I have been reading and watching the media, weighing where my heart lies and which issue to focus my attention upon. There are so many issues that steal a piece of my heart as I recognize the injustice of them; however, I recognize I can only do so much and I want to give my best to what I am doing as opposed to spreading myself too thin and doing a mediocre job.

It is true: As individuals, we cannot solve all the world's problems, but we can take steps toward a solution to at least one problem and make a world of difference.

I will write more in the upcoming week.
Smiles and blessings to each of you.~mp:)

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Promotional Video via MTV

LONDON, United Kingdom, 13 July 2009 — Starting today, MTV audiences around the world will see a new music video that aims to raise awareness about sex trafficking. Featuring the rock band The Killers, the video is an exclusive collaboration between UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and the US Agency for International Development.

The track, Goodnight, Travel Well, is from the album Day & Age. The video is the second in a series of music video collaborations that highlight the danger and impact of human trafficking.

The series launched last year with an award-winning film - produced by MTV EXIT that featured the Radiohead single All I Need.

"We are deeply shocked and appalled that women and children are forced into such exploitative situations, said a spokesperson for The Killers. We hope that through MTV's efforts, and this powerful video, millions of people across the world learn about this tragic form of modern-day slavery."

The video for Goodnight, Travel Well has the potential to reach more than 500 million households in 168 countries.

There is almost no country in the world now that isnt affected by human trafficking in some way, said UNICEF Chief of Child Protection Susan Bissell. The statistics are staggering. More than 1.2 million children are being trafficked each year and nearly 80 per cent of all trafficking is for sexual exploitation, and the most at risk are girls.

We see this music video as a powerful way to reach out and raise awareness among young people, across borders and across language barriers, she added.

The Goodnight, Travel Well video was directed by film and music video veteran David Slade, in collaboration with the renowned production company Anonymous Content. The creative concept was developed by the Australian advertising agency CRC, with support from the UK music consultancy Huge Music.

The video provides insight into the realities of trafficking, with a particular focus on the trafficking of children and adolescents into forced prostitution.

For more information, please vist:

*Video and article provided by Unicef via Youtube*

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Local Strip Club

"There are 27 million people sold across borders into bondage today. 50% of the victims are minors, roughly 80% are girls and women. That's about twice the combined population of London and New York. Human beings are trafficked from 127 countries to be exploited in 137 countries around the world. We are committed to see this change for the better." ~Justice&Care

I was chatting with someone not too long ago and they were commenting on how they went into a local strip club that lost it's liquor licence. The person made a joke about how the bartender told him that he had to buy an apple juice or a pop before the girls would dance for him, at which point he walked over to the girls (3 of them standing against a wall), looked each one up and down and then proceeded to tell the bartender that these girls were not worth and apple juice or a pop and walked out.

Funny? Not really. Sad it more like it. I had forgotten all about this strip bar and I wondered how many of the girls within were there due to human trafficking. I also wondered if they heard that disparaging comment made about their "worth" and the repercussions of the lack of customers.

I did proceed to reprimand this person for his behaviour and comments made; however, the words and plea I made on behalf of these women fell upon apathetic ears. What does he care about the mental, emotional, physical, let alone spiritual well-being of these women? He doesn't. He doesn't care. These women are for his enjoyment...if he chooses. They are nothing more than objects. Toys to his fantasy. He forgets that they are human. That they think and feel. That they too want to dream, to succeed, to be valued and cherished...to be safe and to be loved. Loved not abused. Loved.

This got me to thinking about what I could do. How can I make a difference in these girls' lives...I am thinking and praying about it...Consider the strip clubs around your area and how many of the girls involved have been sold into that business. What can you do to help them? They need someone to stand up for them, defend them...they need community, they need to be set free. How can you help? How can I help? It is not a matter of just shutting the strip clubs down, it is a matter of relationship. Authentic Life giving, God honouring relationship...what can we do to help? What will we do to help?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Must See

Go Here and watch the video in the bottom right hand corner TO THE END!!! PLEASE!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Look Into Her Eyes and You'll Know Why

My heart has been greatly burdened for a while now about human trafficking. I have been praying about what to do about this...about getting more involved. I cannot stand apart any longer.

I have seen some very powerful videos presented by various organizations who are attempting to put an end to human trafficking and slavery and over the next little while, I would like to share a few.

This issue is not just going to go away. People need to know this is happening all over the world including Canada and the United States! I challenge you to get informed and do something to help put a stop to this horrid injustice. Help save a child, a woman, a man...Help save society!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Swine Flu Returning?

Though the Swine Flu or H1N1 Virus has been downplayed in media in the past couple of weeks, it is still a major focus in Japan where is it causing many to mask up to help prevent exposure to this illness. And, even though we are putting this virus to rest here in North America, we should be careful not to become over confident that we have survived the worse of it. Flu season is over here, but the virus is still around and as we approach autumn, we will be reminded to be vigilant with hand hygiene and getting the flu shot. Keep in mind that the Spanish Flu came in waves, the 1st wave mild and the 2nd wave devastatingly strong. I don't mean to be alarmist or pessimistic, rather, I want people to remain alert so as to keep themselves and their loved ones as protected as possible should this virus return.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Compassionate Company

In this time of economic distress, many having lost their jobs, we are looking for ways to save money and compassionate companies are also looking out for your needs...honest...at least one big pharmaceutical company is...

It is all about priority man...priority...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu

Well, is this the virus the world has been waiting for to erupt? Media has given it a fair amount of attention as of late and it is interesting to note that some of the attention, particularly from the States, is to downplay the potential severity of the Swine Flu, stating it is too early to panic.

My first thought is better safe than sorry...remember SARS?

The other thing to consider is the economic impact this could have on the world's already flailing economy. The idea of a deadly virus entering our present with massive force and the potential to basically slow to a near stop all tourist travel is hardly a welcome thought. Something like this could transform countries that depend on tourism into proverbial ghost towns, not to mention the huge detrimental effects on the food and trade industries. The stock markets have already a hit, though it would seem that the message the "powers that be" are trying to project is, once again, that it is too early to panic.

The flu timeline thus far carries enough concern with it for the World Health Organization to issue a level 4 in measuring the severity of this virus. The world is to prepare for the worse. Stockpiling of zanamivir and oseltamivir has begun in serious and a strategy to use the zanamivir as the front line treatment has been implemented for now.

So, what can you do to help prevent the spread of this flu or any other flu?

Avoid crowded environments.
Sneeze into your elbow or a tissue (and then wash your hands).
Stay away from others if you are not well.
Avoid travelling to infected areas.
Otherwise, keep up adequate sleep, exercise, and eat healthy.

And if you do suspect that you may have contacted the flu. Be smart. Call your local health care provider, before you rush to the hospital, to seek direction. Also, avoid public transportation if you can; otherwise use a mask or a scarf to cover your nose and mouth and minimize all unnecessary contact with others.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day...though every day should be celebrated as we do on this day...

In schools around the city, kids will be outside picking up trash and sorting and recycling what they find. Five years ago, when we arrived at the school where my kids attend, the garbage in the playground and fields was a disgrace to the point where a person could not take 15 steps without stepping on garbage, thus we would take some bags and pick up the garbage on the weekends. I was always taught not to litter and to take care of your property. I had also learned that leaving the work for someone else to do, usually results in the work never getting done. So, when I see garbage that could be picked up, I usually pick it up. (This is my Earth too.) These lessons I have tried to pass on to my kids (and whoever else hangs with us;) ) and for the most part, they get it. In fact, with the heightened awareness in our community around being responsible and being "green", the amount of garbage in and around even just our school has dropped dramatically - to the point that I wondered what exactly the kids will be doing after they pick up the (less than20?) pieces of garbage...5 years ago there would have been easily over a hundred pieces of garbage to pick up! There has been vast improvements and the children are transferring their learning to their home environments also.

Ever heard of "litterless lunches"? The school here encourages all students to bring these litterless lunches to school and you take home whatever garbage (packaging) you brought your food in. This lightens the amount of garbage the school collects and it also challenges families to really think about what they are eating. My kids this morning, asked me if we could start making our own yogurt so we wouldn't have to buy the packages of yogurt and reduce our recycling and waste that way...I am still considering that one...

In earnest, I find it very challenging to eat healthy, organically, and minimize waste simply because of the convenience factor that I have become so accustomed to. Though in my youth, I ate far healthier/organic, non-commercial-packaged foods. The role of my grandmother was such that, she spent most of her day preparing the meals. There is no way she would have been able to work outside of the home with a full time job and provide the meals that she provided - or at least, I would find it hard to believe that she would not exhaust herself to an early death if she had of had a full time job and the gardening/canning/cooking - plus all the other necessary activities that were accomplished through out the day! (Side note: cooked for at least 6 everyday.)

Off on a bit of a tangent there...

That being said, what I am suggesting is that these days, it is necessary to rethink how we live and eat. Times have changed, our lifestyles and environment have changed, and it is necessary for our own well-being and for the well-being of the Earth to seriously look at how we exist - I am not preaching anything you don't already know... And thankfully, the developed world is starting to wake up to this reality - corporately and individually. It is a challenge, but with resolve, it is possible. I have no doubt.

So, on this Earth day, as I consider making homemade yogurt, I challenge you to consider what you can do to make a positive, healthy change in your lifestyle and environment. Every little action does make a difference.

Smiles and Blessings!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The American Form of Government

So, I came across this video via "The Old Adam Lives" by Steve Martin. I found it very interesting as I have never really considered this breakdown of government before. In the West, we boast of being a democratic society; however, after viewing this video, I am not sure that I would be quick in the future to brag about being a democracy. It has also challenged me to research further, democracy versus republic governments and the implications of each.

So, what do you think? Do you consider a democratic government superior to a republic? Is there another type of government you believe is superior?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Primal Fusion

A new extensive internet search tool....Check it...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dr. Fish

WHAT THE.....??~!?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hugo Bonjean

A fiction book that you need to read...

This book is somewhat prophetic as even today, seed companies are denying impoverished nations the ability to sustain their people without annually buying more seeds. You see, seeds sold to many countries, impoverished and otherwise, are modified to not reproduce if you were to try to germinate the second crop. Perhaps you have heard of Monsanto they are a major power in genetically modified organisms - Some would conclude that GMO's are a good thing enhancing many qualities of food products in particular, but much research needs to be done as the consequences of tampering with nature could (and usually does) have catastrophic consequences that would threaten not only our environment, but our health as well.

In Bonjean's story, "Nayla, a top scientist and respected board member of the mighty Carsanto Corporation becomes the country's most wanted fugitive when she impulsively steals the company's only germinator seeds to protect the planet and her daughter's future."
Seeds is a great story, a relevant read. I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Other interesting links:
The World According to Monsanto, a film: http://www3.nfb.ca/webextension/monsanto/
Organic Consumers Association: http://www.organicconsumers.org/monlink.cfm

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is Bio Fuel Really the Answer?

Soybean Skies 3
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When we think of Bio Fuels, we think of a new future that secures an environmentally friendly option that still appeases the senses of the capitalist investor. However, is Bio Fuel all that we make it out to be or is it just another threat to society and the environment with a different face?

Check out this link to a video report from AFP on the reality of Bio Fuels and the effect they have on our friends in the southern hemisphere...


Friday, January 9, 2009

Green energy

This was taken from Brian Mclaren's site and I am just passing it on....:)