Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday...Worth It?

Black Friday in the United States...$52.4 billion spent! Really?! 52.4$ spent on stuff...people hurt and killed to get that stuff...I mean, really?! What the hell is wrong with these people? What kind of a nation spends 52.4 billion on stuff, assaults their neighbour to get this "stuff", and still cries about economic hard times?! Shouldn't we be looking out for each other, working together during hard times? ...Perhaps it is time to reassess our priorities. It is just sad, and frankly, an embarrassment to the West. And here in Canada, we are getting caught up in the spirit of Black Friday mainly because the retailers here clued in that if they discount their prices, the multitude of bargain seekers here would not rush the border to head south to buy and the money would stay local...but is it worth it?  A good deal is a good thing during financially difficult times, but is what people are buying a necessity or a want? Is that Xbox/Tablet/gadget/whatever needed or wanted? Are rudeness, violence, and greed the character traits we want to promote...because these seem to be ones dominating this "holiday"....I wonder what the rest of the world thinks when they see this behaviour...more importantly, what are we saying about ourselves when we embrace this activity? Is it what we want to be known for?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quebec: Lower Your Expectations

Quebec....The province of inconvenience...or bureaucratic chaos...your choice.  I am continually left shaking my head at the level of disorganization and waste in this province.  I keep expecting efficiency and yet, I am left with frustration. Apparently, my expectations are way too high.  Road construction without proper signage, document centers that lose and/or misdirect papers and take weeks/months to process, licencing centers that do not inform you of ALL required documents (leaving you to reschedule another appointment a MONTH later!) *A heads-up for those who don't know: In Qc, females are required to keep their maiden names...and if you are from out of province you can expect to easily confuse and arouse suspicion if you did not maintain your maiden name from your past causing great grief in your attempt to get anything accomplished from a bureaucratic perspective...including going to a hospital for a medical emergency.

I am trying not to get too specific let alone emotionally involved in writing this information, but I have got to say: it is *%$##@!! frustrating trying to get things done in this province! ...And I just wanted to leave a little warning for others entering into the chaos zone of Canada: ATTENTION!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

How to Walk in Traffick

Walk AGAINST the traffick; Ride WITH the traffick...Get it right people!!!

I cannot tell you how many times I encounter people who walk on the wrong side of the road (out of ignorance or otherwise)!

If you are walking against the traffick, at least you will see oncoming cars even if they do not see you....And chances are, you will live to walk another day; however, if you are walking down the road, your back against oncoming traffick, they may not see you and you definitely do not see them, and then"booph"! you are roadkill...or they swerve to avoid you and they or other drivers become the casualties!

I am exaggerating here (a bit), but for the safety of all those on the road...Please walk against traffick so you (the walker) can see oncoming traffick because sometimes drivers do not/cannot see you as well as you might think!