Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Pondering Help for Haiti

In the silence of this morning, I reflect upon the events of these past few days. Another tragedy has hit the world and through twitter and facebook, I watched as it brought us together in sincere concern to not let the people in Haiti suffer alone and without help. Millions of dollars have poured in to assist in aid and it is a beautiful thing.

Across the globe in another area, Afghanistan, a suicide bomber took the lives of 15 people and seriously injured others nearby with the blast. Many of us look upon this act with disgust, there is no sympathy for the bomber, just as we have no sympthy for the earthquake. If anything remotely Christ-like, we may feel pity that the life of the bomber had lead to this moment. (But I would hazard to guess that many of you are like me and my human response to this condemns this selfish, dumbass foolish, hate-filled action.)

I find it interesting how we respond to people and events, particularly when they are a world away from us. In Haiti, we see the destroyed homes, the people crying, dazed, and injured and we want to help. We hear about the suicide bomber in Afghanistan and because we have heard this type of story so many times, we feel sorry for the victims, yes, but we are simply angered that this nonsense has not yet ceased and we have lost interest in trying to provide help. (I call it nonsense because it does not make sense what-so-ever on any level of reason. Which, I suppose is exactly the point of this unhealthy mind-set.)

I wonder, will this happen with Haiti...not the reoccurance of earthquakes, but the loss of interest in the plight of the victims? I mean, it is wonderful the response that we have given, but a week from now, will we still really care?


Anonymous said...
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MistiPearl said...

I thank you for your comment, unfortunately, my translator is not working. Would you translate this for us? Thanks

MistiPearl said...

"Life is like surging waves, if not stop the rock, how can they create beautiful spray"

This is what my translator came up with on the comment above.