Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Pep Talk

You know, sometimes I feel absolutely overwhelmed by the evil, perversity, and injustice in this world. Control, manipulation, abuse, lying, greed...the list goes on...and on. Even if there is one corner of this world that I endeavour to make a difference in, some days, my effort still seems so fruitless. Perhaps part of the problem is my perspective.  I tend to think big picture more often than not. My conciousness is a stream of domino senarios that spread like unending branches of a tree. I do not have a partner to balance my big thinking with...whatever it is that balances it.  So, for me, this means that I rely on God. Where I can't, He can, and even where I can, He helps me to better...that is, if I let Him.

Human trafficking, environmental issues, politics, corporate greed/dishonesty, injustice of all kinds at all levels in society...These are things that concern me, but are way too vast for me to conquer on my own (so to speak)...but not too big for God. And that my friends is why I have hope. So, I will keep spreading the word of injustices, I will keep finding ways to help - even if I don't see the fruit - I will continue. With God all things are possible!

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