Friday, September 23, 2016

Hear Me!

A number of years ago I joined the world of the Internet. I had a young friend who was very tech savvy teach me how to search online and to not be so fearful pushing buttons. Regardless of my fast improving skills, I was still very ignorant of computer etiquette. I had no understanding of how humour could be so easily misunderstood as an insult or ignorance, or how the familiarity you may have towards a person you are communicating with is not necessarily reciprocal. To my chagrin, the first several years of learning how to navigate online were rough. Today, I am a lot more guarded and even less social than when I first came online, and yet when I observe others, it seems just the opposite.

Social media rules life.

People spend unhealthy amounts of time staring at a screen (usually a palm sized one) and communicate everything from how they are feeling in the morning to how their break-up is the reason for their impending suicide!

It is amazing how the Internet has changed! Or rather, I should say, it is amazing how we have changed how we use the Internet!

And with people being so bold, transparent, and informed, you would figure that we would be a more relaxed, accepting, social bunch...but again, it seems just the opposite! In fact, in my occupation, I see pre-teens, teens, and adults with anxiety/mental health issues that have left them debilitated, and many of the contributing factors include Internet and social media use!

Where is our society headed?

I get that people want to be heard.
People want to be appreciated.
And people need to be heard and appreciated.
With the Internet, even the most unlikely have a voice.

But...Where are we failing as a society that people feel the need to strip down and bear all mentally, emotionally, and physically in this digital world, screaming for attention?!


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